Saturday, 30 April 2016

Supermodel Practice // Engagement Shoot

Two months ago, our wonderful, incredible, ridiculously talented photographer, Cam, from Chasewild took us on an adventure through Parnell in Auckland. As part of our package with him for the wedding, we got an included "engagement shoot" which is great, because Ben is SUPER awkward and we needed all the practice we could get. Now we have some completely adorable snaps to keep, and a reminder of how cute we were pre-marriage & pre-kids. I expect weight gain and an immediate speed up in the ageing process as soon baby number one comes along.

Not only was it so much fun and we'd now consider Cam a mate, with all this practice we are just going to nail it at the wedding. We are so, so pleased with what he's done this time around, I can't even begin to imagine how amazing the next lot will be.

So here are our top faves (this is only half!), and Cam, if you're reading. THANK YOU! You totally killed it.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Why we should have eloped #stressedoutbride

Well, that's a little bit of a depressing title isn't it? Considering I haven't even got through the wedding day yet! But some days, I just want to pull my hair out and be done with it all. And I know my groom is feeling the same way.

When did this all stop becoming a fun and exciting adventure? ...

We are now 7 weeks out, practically to the day, and every hour I become more worried about how we're going to make it. Are things going to be paid off in time, is everything going to look as we envision, the debt we have got ourselves into. But more importantly; IS IT GOING TO BE WORTH IT? ...

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New year's resolutions + 2015 recap

I'm sure you are well sick of the #newyearnewme hashtag; peoples plans to totally change themselves just because the clock ticked over past midnight three weeks ago. If i'm honest I would have to agree, it's been a little much. One day doesn't change sh*t really does it? What was wrong with the Friday BEFORE New Year's Eve to make these big life-changing decisions?! Apart from the fact it was Christmas day obviously, and you were stuffed to the brim with turkey and wine.

Enough of the sarcasm though, I also get that feeling. You know, the feeling that your great/terrible/exciting/adventurous/heartbroken year has come to an end and you now have this overwhelming motivation to make the next 12 months even better than the ones you've left behind. This is why I save these posts for the end of January, when reality has started to kick in and you really have time to realistically work out if your goals are more than daydreams.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Get Ready With Me // Christmas Edition

Happy Saturday! I hope this weekend is a great one for you no matter where you are, and if you're one of those people doing that last minute christmas shopping; elbows are great in crowds!

I went to my work Christmas function last weekend and this was how I chose to do my make up. Still getting the hang of this filming game but I think this is an improvement on the last one.

Constructive criticism, kind words and encouragement welcome. For the haters, well, #hatersgonhate.
Who knows, maybe there will even be a new years video to follow =)

Jackie x

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is upon us and while we are so busy getting gifts for everyone else, what about what you're getting YOU?! I recently came across a website called Spring, a kind of all-inclusive hub with a bunch of well-known brands as well as some amazing up and comers. With them, I've put together my top choices as a sort of "treat yo'self" wishlist all about MY wants, this isn't about giving to others but about what i'd pick for myself if I had the spare cash.

I've been rummaging through this website all afternoon and it really doesn't seem to stop, from stocking fillers to high end purchases there is a little bit of everything for all parts of your life. They're accessories section is absolutely loaded and I kind of just want it all. They have over 800 brands on board and for all you US beauty's they've also got free shipping which is a major for any website. The first thing I noticed unfortunately is that they currently don't ship to NZ which is a shame, but let's be honest, not a huge surprise. I spoke to Spring about it and they promise me they're working on it! It actually still really benefited me though, and I was introduced to a lot of new brands I hadn't heard about, brands that I can shop with outside of Springs website in the mean time.

Now with sooo much on offer I went with a couple of things I feel like I need, a couple of things I now know I want, and a couple of items wayy out of my price range! Miracles happen you guys, especially at this time of year so i'll just keep dreaming. When I started putting all the images together I realised I had picked quite a bunch. I honestly just couldn't whittle it down any further than this, I want it all on this imaginary shopping trip.